Saturday Morning Update

5/20/23 Saturday 7:15 am

Deep moisture remains pooled over the forecast area. Showers will redevelop today, the timing is a challenge and will likely be related to how quickly (if at all) the clouds disperse. This would allow the sun to work its magic and speed up afternoon convection, In other words, the quicker we see the sun, the quicker it will trigger thunderstorms. If it stays cloudy, it will delay thunderstorm development.

Hydrological concerns will be largely tied to storm development. Overall, the threat is less than expected because cooler temperatures have slowed the melt of the snowpack. Common sense will be your best forecast tool, if heavy rain sets up over a flood-prone area stay cautious.

This pattern is here to stay through Tuesday. Wednesday looks like it will be a transitional day with spotty storms favoring the higher-elevation areas. For now, it still appears it is going to dry out for much of the forecast area next weekend.

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