Thursday Update–More Of The Same Today

6/15/23 Thursday 8 am

This morning the model runs look similar to what they did yesterday. On Wednesday, showers clung to the northern forecast area until late afternoon/early evening when a few storms fired across scattered portions of the central and southern forecast area. I heard a few rumbles of thunder in the evening, but nothing fell at my house.

So here we go again today, I am sure a few late storms will fire up later in the day in the south, but there is no way to tell where that will happen.

On Friday, the models are depicting more widespread showers throughout the entire forecast area. On Saturday, it looks like a couple of areas may be in for some brief heavy downpours.

Tomorrow morning I will take a look at the new extended model runs. I have been expecting to see a monsoonal signature set up by July 21st. The new extended model run should take us out to July 27th so I am looking forward to seeing it.

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