Sunday Morning Update

6/25/23 Sunday  7:20 am

It’s been boring overall since my last update, but cool in the overnight hours. The coldest overnight temperatures have been occurring in the valleys. Both the lower valleys, around Bayfield, DRO, and Ignacio, and in the upper valleys, North Vallecito, Silverton, CB, and Creede.

Being a 10-11 month per year “window open in the bedroom guy” I have enjoyed this. I have a fan in my bedroom window that showed 46 in my bedroom this morning, which is impressive for late June. From experience, I know it is usually 7 to 10 degrees colder outside than what it shows me inside. When I got up I noticed there was a lump with a lot of blankets on it next to me. So many, that I could not confirm whether Mrs. Weather Guy was there, but I assume it was her…

There are not many changes in the long-term pattern to talk about. In the short term, the models are hinting that a little disturbance may bring a very slight chance of showers on Tuesday afternoon.

The European and Canadian are showing scattered showers with accumulating light precipitation. The GFS shows the feature but drys it out before it can get going. At this point, I have pretty low confidence, but I am keeping an eye on it, and will keep everyone advised on “Operation Rain Drop”

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