Tuesday Update: Rain–Possibly Heavy Through Friday

9/12/23 Tuesday 8:55 am

A series of disturbances will mix with moisture remnants from Hurricane Jova and a favorable jet stream, to bring widespread showers this week over SW Colorado.

After a relatively dry July and August, we are finally seeing the impacts of recurring Pacific hurricanes. This is something I was looking forward to and mentioned in the spring. Additionally, we are seeing a favorable jet stream position. This is the positioning I expect to see more of, especially this winter!

Speaking of winter, do not be surprised to see some snow. Throughout the week, the snow level will drop below 13,000 feet, perhaps as low as 12,500 feet by Friday!

Here are the maps in motion, in 6-hour increments, from now through Friday at 6 pm. The darker the shades, the heavier the precipitation. Green is rain, blue is snow.

Here is the rain potential through Friday. I say potential rather than forecast because it is very difficult to pinpoint where the heaviest rain will fall. This was the case yesterday. I got several reports of very heavy rain, south of Durango near the the Walmart.

Those of you traveling to England later this week need to keep a close eye on Hurricane Lee. Most models show a hit on Nova Scotia. However, I am seeing some interpretive (self-learning) models showing the track could be substantially west of the current track. This would put Cape Cod to Maine in the storm track. Too early too worry, just something to think about for now. Either way, this Hurricane is going to grow in size and its effects will be far-reaching.

Next update on Wednesday.

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One thought on “Tuesday Update: Rain–Possibly Heavy Through Friday

  1. Frank Masiarz

    Glorious 0.60-inch of water yesterday at intersection of CR 228 and 502. Elevation of 7,750 feet…..most rain in a single day since 2 October 2022….from a personal rain database.

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