Tuesday Update: Light Precipitation Possible On Thursday

11/14/23 Tuesday 7:15 am

I still have low confidence in either of these model solutions. The models seem to change every cycle. This does not mean I expect less precipitation or more precipitation than they currently show. It means I don’t trust one over another.

Here are the maps in motion from early Thursday morning through early Friday morning. The green is rain, the blue is snow, and the darker the color shade, the heavier the precipitation.



(US) GFS model

The liquid precipitation shown in these model runs is so light for the lower elevations, that it may evaporate and not hit the ground. The snow above 9,000 feet may total 0-3 inches.

As I said, I still have low confidence in these model runs, so I would not yet make plans around them. This weekend and early next week are also far from being settled. I will continue to watch.

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