Happy Spring!

What an incredible Winter season! It has been years since Purgatory had such an incredible year. Durango in town had the most snow they have had in 10 years, with people hiking and Skiing Smelter Mtn with the record February snowfall!

I want to take a minute and thank all of you who have followed me for years (some of you 6 years now!) as well as those of you that joined us during and since the devastating fires in early summer. I was humbled to be given access to the data and other resources to build all of the custom maps and quickly disseminate that information to the community, especially those who were displaced.

I also want to thank everyone who participated in nominating me for Durango’s Chamber of Commerce Volunteer of the Year.  Being nominated was a huge honor, being in the top three left me with a feeling of gratitude,  and winning was incredible.

 I want to thank the supporters who have taken the next step and donated to the site. Donation dollars of any amount will assist me in upgrading to the latest technology available, subscribing to numerous commercial applications, and upgrading other software and hardware that will enhance your experience on the website.

This Spring looks to have us in an active weather pattern, check back often for all of the Updates.


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