The Next Two Storms (according to the Euro)…


11/18/18 Sunday 1:30 pm

This is going to change, I promise you. That being said let’s take a look at the latest from the Euro Thanksgiving (the FV3 is still down for the count) The most consistent trend is delaying the timing of the arrival. So here is the new run for Thursday morning at 5 am. Look at the beautiful rain and snow in California!


12 hours later, so it is thinking it will start between 11 am and 5 pm.


Here is what it says for totals from the first storm. Better than nothing…


The latest run of the Euro has really amped up the second storm coming in next Saturday, this is inconsistent with prior runs So I am going to show you both runs.

These are both NEW snowfall and don’t include Thanksgiving amounts in the totals.

On the top is last nights run. The bottom has the recent run, again let’s not get too excited until we see a few more runs like this one. I am also anxious to see what the FV3 says if they can resuscitate it after the “maintenance”.



I will continue to update this as changes happen.

I am working on a Post about Winter Outlooks for this year, I am not sure if you noticed but NOAA overhauled there previous Winter “forecast” from last month. The new one is closer to what I have been seeing, but they are still too far east with above normal temps.

Next post will be Tuesday travel looks good almost everywhere in the region up through Thanksgiving, the whole getting home thing may be a different story.


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  1. Ann green

    I have a suggestion (you probably have already thought of…but in case not) for you that is based on my experience with financial advice services I use. Offer us the option of immediate “real-time” notification on your postings for a flat monthly/yearly fee versus free access to those postings on a later, less immediate timeline. Those of us who enjoy having immediate notification that you have posted new info could pay for that privilege – while those who do not will still get the info a bit later on your free posting site.


    1. Thank you for your comment. I just changed the format this morning so my latest post is on the home page and people who have followed via email receive immediate notification when I post. I conducted a poll a couple of months ago before I launched the and overwhelming (80%) of my FB followers said they would not follow if I charged a nominal monthly or annual subscription fee. I still have had people ask about donations so I just added a page to accept donations by credit card or Paypal.

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