Not our storm…

The storm to the north of us is one of those storms that breaks SnowLover’s hearts. I am just like the rest of you, I read other sites, I watch The Weather Channel and WeatherNation and I read the Forecast Discussion from NWS Grand Junction.  They make you excited about a storm, you think, well just maybe things can change, I mean, how can it be that strong and still miss us? The answer: northwest flow.  Northwest flow does not like most of  La Plata County, and it always cheats Purgatory out of the snow it deserves. What’s worse is when you have a strong front like this, for a moment if you are lucky you have some glory,. You can go from a whiteout while the front passes to clear skies in less than an hour. During that whiteout, all of your emotions are played with and you think. maybe, just maybe the storm changed it’s path-it’s DUMPING! Nope, just then the snow gods put an abrupt end to the snow as the front quickly passes by. We have all been through it before. That is a potential scenario with this storm, but we may not even get that.  Areas at elevation northeast of Mancos can sometimes accumulate more than a dusting with this setup. Also, the NW facing La Platas, Telluride, Ouray, Red Mountain, and Silverton can do well with these type of storms, the problem is this thing is going to move so fast it won’t last long enough for significant accumulations. This storm is on a mission, it wants to wreak absolute havoc on parts of Nebraska, Northern Kansas, Central and Southern Iowa, and Northern Missouri. Check out this “Snowacaine”. The tightly packed lines behind the low indicate very high winds from 35-45 mphgfs_ptype_thick_central_6

Nope, this is not our storm. But the models are working on a storm for us later in the week. As early as Wednesday or as late as Saturday, or both. They are working out the details and I should know more each day. So stay tuned, it could be fun.

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  1. Bettina M Moore

    I don’t live in Durango but I follow you because I am in farmington and sometimes I can gleen some inside into our coming weather. Thank you so much for all your hard work on this. I love your website and appreciate your expertise…hobby or not.

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