Speedy Storm

1:30 pm

Before I give you the info on this fast-moving storm, what do you want me to cover between storms? We have a pain in the butt lull coming up, it was about a week ago as all of the doom and gloom was coming out, that I mentioned we may actually be in for a bit of a warm-up before the end of the month. We may have 10 days of a bad pattern. These things can change pretty quickly, so don’t sell your snowblower.  So let me know in comments, here on the page or the FB post what you want to read about. If there is a  consensus then I will cover that topic if not I will choose some.

So it is likely that sometime in the afternoon tomorrow that storm is going to pass through the northern forecast area. As I mentioned yesterday, the models are planning on rewarding the Telluride-Red Mountain-Ouray triangle with this system with 2-5″, but there may be some surprises. We also don’t know if there will be any ripples prior to or after the storm.  The earliest I may know is with the morning run of the WRF HiRes model. Or, with Step 1. If we don’t I would say Purgatory would be very lucky to get 1 or 2″.









5 thoughts on “Speedy Storm

  1. Beth Green

    I would, of course, love to read that we’re going to be inundated with snow in time for Christmas. That said, I appreciate your honesty and thoroughness in your reporting. Whatever the models say, I’ll still hold out hope for significant snow before Christmas.

    1. I usually do Holiday Updates, right before Christmas is when I am hoping this pattern will change. 5 days ago it looked like a storm around the 22nd, hopefully, that will start showing up again.

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