Postmortem analysis

7:30 am


It kept us guessing, but left us hanging. It looks like that band did set up this morning to our west, and it does not appear it will make it to us. The short version of the story is that the trough split, a portion stayed to the north and the southerly portion dove south just as it came into New Mexico. You could not really design a better worst case scenario for Durango and lower elevations in La Plata County.  Snow showers could linger on throughout the day in some areas. The heaviest snow will continue north-northwest of Cortez and Dolores from north-central Montezuma County, Dolores County and west of Telluride in San Miguel County.

I will get back on the saddle and see if this second storm is going to make it here. I currently do not like what I am seeing for New Years, but that is an eternity away.      Aside from that, it is going to get cold around here, that isn’t going to miss us.

10 thoughts on “Postmortem analysis

  1. Christine Perkins

    Hi Jeff, Our son will be driving home to San Antonio, TX from Durango via 550 south through Albuquerque; then I-40 east to Santa Rosa then Hwy 84 south to Lubbock, etc.. He was planning to drive on Friday, but looking at the forecast, we’re thinking tomorrow (Thursday) may be a better option? Any thoughts you have would be so appreciated- thank you and hope you had a nice Christmas.

    Chris Perkins

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