Early Update

4:30 am

As of 4 am I had gotten 5 7/8″ inches of new snow since my last measurement bringing the total to 12 1/8″. The point forecast for my house was 5-9″ overnight. You could probably tell from my prior post that I thought they were a little ambitious on their upper end of the range. I checked a couple times throughout the night and was not happy until after 2 am, the snow had picked up considerably.

The NOAA surface map came out and showed a shortwave trough, over the area. Here is what it looked like as of 2 am (their most current at the moment).

I circled the shortwave in blue.


This appears to be associated with a cold front that was to our northeast that retrograded into the area.

Here is water vapor imagery. The faucet is pointed right at us (4:00 am) for the time being. The shortwave is enhancing the flow in as the main storm has sunk to the south.


The front is clearly defined, green is moist, yellow and orange are dry. I have some concerns with the dry tongue trying to work its way up from Arizona. But the latest information is that the system should move (retrograde) southwest, which could keep things going for a  little while, then gradually decreasing in intensity over the area.

Last here is the near-live high-resolution satellite, you can see basically two waves one over us and one over ABQ. You can see the lights of Phoenix and Tuscon, and ABQ and El Paso and even Farmington.


My next update will be around 7:30 am


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