Warmer For the Next Four Days

What’s up with the wind?

There has not been a lot to talk about lately, so I haven’t.  This is the time of year I get questions about the wind. The wind is pretty common all of the time in this area. In late spring it seems to come out of nowhere. The same thing that causes the wind when a storm blows through is what causes wind this time of year. It is caused by barometric pressure changes. Think about low-pressure systems blowing through, even when a front passes from an unfavorable direction. As the front approaches in the winter, we see snow squalls and all hell breaks loose for a while, then after it passes the air pressure is equalized and the wind goes away.

This time of year there are usually big temperature swings between early morning and afternoon. The sun is at a higher angle now (remember the sun angle right now is the equivalent to roughly mid-August). As the sun warms the cool air it changes the air pressure, the change in air pressure causes the wind. This is a simplified explanation but you get the idea. So if you are wondering why it is nice and calm in the morning then around the noon hour the wind picks up, that is why. Of course, if there are fronts or troughs approaching or waves or ripples in the flow that is going to affect things as well.

It looks like our max temps will hit Thursday, then by the weekend things will start cooling down a little. I don’t want to speculate much beyond that. There are models saying that the mountains will still see snow after the first week in May! One is indicating that Denver has not seen their last snow.

While the SW US sees the heat much of the country will be below normal for the time being. Keep that in mind if you are traveling east. Feel free to check in with me if you are going to be traveling.

Contest update

Just an update on the contest, I was hoping we would get better news from the Governor about more establishments being allowed to open. My original intent when I started this was to benefit the businesses that had been truly impacted (nothing against the grocery stores and liquor stores and dispensaries but they have had captive customers). I know some stores are now going to re-open for “curbside” service, but I don’t know how applicable that is to most of our retailers that have been closed. That being said I am going to do the drawing on Friday. I will notify the winners via email first because some have indicated that they didn’t want to be included in the drawing.  If they tell me they decline the prize I will draw again. Once I have the 5 winners for sure, I will announce them and will make arrangements to deliver the prizes.

If you didn’t donate and enter before and you still want to you have until Friday morning. Thanks for following!

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