Sunday Update & Info On the Morefield Fire

Quieter weather is on tap for today. The nine fire starts yesterday were a lot to take. CAPE will be low for most of the border counties (Montezuma, La Plata, Archuleta).

Here are today’s max CAPE values for our area, they occur at noon.

nam-nest-conus-colorado-cape-3367200 (1)

As is the case with most new fires, early information is difficult to come by. Through the VIIRS fire detection satellite, I was able to track down the location more specifically. It is a little over 10 miles SW of Mancos.

Morefield Fire

In addition to the remoteness, the other good news is the lack of fuels and huge fire breaks that will keep it from spreading.


There is no meaningful precipitation in the forecast but it looks like a nice cool down is on the way for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Thanks for all of the reports on the fires yesterday! The next update will be Monday afternoon!

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