8/25 Wednesday 1 pm

Another day of boring weather today. Smoke from existing fires will continue to be a non-issue for the next 48 hours. There will be a chance of isolated convective showers and thunderstorms in the forecast for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday afternoons favoring the higher elevations. I will update each morning before 9 am for the next 3 days. The short-term daily models handle afternoon convection better than the global models.

At the moment, the weather looks good for the long-overdue return of the San Juan Brewfest this weekend.

We are approaching what can be an interesting time of year (mid-September to mid-October). That is when we are most likely to see remnants of tropical depressions from the Pacific work into the mix. We can also see some of the first cold fronts of the season drop south and reposition the dominant high pressure so that it pulls the Gulf of Mexico moisture across the area.

With the lack of other weather to look at today, I had to glance at Monday night’s run of the Euro weekly. This model run is available to me Tuesday and Friday mornings. It starts getting interesting to track it this time of year. It has a warm and dry bias compared to what usually verifies.

Here is the Euro weekly 46-day snow forecast (before melting) ending October 8th.

Nice to see some blues and purples on the map.

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