I Will Sleep Tomorrow Night

12/9/21 Thursday 11:45 pm

I am still fired up about this storm. At 11 pm, I have somewhere between 8 and 9 inches at the house. I don’t feel like getting drenched again, so I am guessing based upon my previous precise measurement of 7.75 inches. There are some incredible things happening up near Purg. Don’t necessarily believe the snow stake.

I am concerned a bit with the 6,500-foot level. We will see. The most abundant moisture has still not arrived. It is currently stretching from the Colorado/New Mexico line just north of Shiprock down to Phoenix. This will be interesting.  I would like to see that colder air push in. Unfortunately, the temperatures have been staying pretty stationary.

However, the latest models do show that much colder air moving in by 1 to 3 am. We’re not done yet.

My next update should be out by 4 am. Thanks for following and supporting the site!

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