Tuesday 12/14/21 4:45 am

There are no changes with the warnings and advisories. They are set to go into effect at 5 pm. The models are starting to favor more precipitation during the day today.  The heavier precipitation is closer to the cold front which is stretched across the Sierra.

Over the last few days, this pre-frontal precipitation has been showing up occasionally in the model runs. They were showing an insignificant amount of precipitation falling during the day today. Overnight, the models are showing heavier precipitation before the warnings and advisories go into effect. As of 4 am, the radar returns are already showing precipitation in the area that is not making it to the ground.

I will have a more detailed update out around 9 am. I know that I have followers who are not able to read my updates during the day, so I wanted to catch those people early so they would be aware of the situation. The models indicate that the snow level will vary in the middle of the day between 8,000 and 9,000 feet.

If precipitation starts before 7 am the snow level will be much lower.

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