Quick Noon Update

12/31/21 Friday 12:30 pm

Sorry for the delay I was waiting for some information before writing this. I just saw a disturbing model run from the European model. I reached out to a few people and compared their current totals since 5 am to what the Euro was predicting and it turns out the Euro was quite a ways off. In some cases, it was showing less than half of what actually fell.

I am not going to change my forecasts. I am concerned about the NWS low elevation Winter Storm Warning verifying (6-inch minimum). I don’t expect them to address it this afternoon. They are all excited about a heavy snow band that has set up along the stalled front to our north over the Grand Junction area.

For the rest of the day, snow should be on the increase later this afternoon or evening in lower elevations.

Please report any dramatic increase in the rate of snowfall to me. I can’t always tell by the webcams, especially during the day.

If I have something to report this afternoon, I should have it out by 4 pm. If not, have a nice time if you are celebrating with friends or family tonight. Thanks for following and supporting the site!

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One thought on “Quick Noon Update

  1. Kathy

    Happy and safe New Year to you and your family!! Thanks for your dedication to our local weather, you are by far the most accurate source!!

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