Slow Start–Quick Finish?

4/12/22 Tuesday 5:20 am

Things have gotten off to a rather slow start overnight. The northern branch of the storm became stationary and slowed down the progress of the cold front. Sound familiar? Yes, this has happened before a couple of times this year.

Here is the latest radar as of 4:30 am. Snow has just started showing up on the webcams from Mountain Lodge, Purgatory, and Wolf Creek.

What does this mean? It usually means slow start quick finish. I think when the storm decides to move through it will move quickly and be more compact. This will likely result in a pretty dramatic frontal passage, so I would not change plans and try to cross the passes until this storm does. As for the lower and mid-elevations, the frontal passage will have some high winds and potential snow squalls. In other words, you will know when it is happening.

My gut tells me that the snow accumulations will not live up to the winter storm warning expectations that were issued yesterday. I don’t have a lot of guidance on how quickly this will happen, but the winds will be your first clue.

I will be putting out the convection outlook and the pollen forecast within the next couple of hours. Thanks for following and supporting the site!

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2 thoughts on “Slow Start–Quick Finish?

  1. KT Howard

    I was wondering what happened. Kept listening for the wind and..nothing. Maybe a good thing because I forgot to put my rain gauge out last night.

  2. Frank Masiarz

    Snowing now at intersection of CR 228 and 502. Large, fluffy flakes accumulating in grassy areas. Temperature has dropped from 40 degrees earlier to 32 degrees right now.

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