Wind And Pollen Update

5/10/22 Tuesday 8:10 am
With pollen production decreasing I am going to start showing a wider area of coverage.
This morning, The Herald ran a story titled “Southern Colorado is being slammed by dust and wind. They’ll lessen Tuesday, but be back later this week”. This story was written by a Colorado Springs reporter. The report is accurate for Colorado Springs. For SW Colorado, not so much.
I wanted to clarify a couple of things. The wind may not be as strong as yesterday but it will still be very gusty. It won’t seem like a break. Heads up, tomorrow may be the windiest day of the week. In the story, he also referenced April and May as being two of the wettest months of the year. In Colorado Springs and the Front Range, this is true. In SW Colorado, again not so much. Here, May is the second driest month of the year, and April is the fourth driest month of the year. FYI, June is the driest, and November is the third driest.
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