Sunday Morning–More On The Way

6/19/22 Sunday 6:45 am
I had been craving humidity for a while, I know, it sounds crazy unless you live in a climate like this. But this was what I needed. The rain has been great. If not another drop fell today or the rest of the month, many locations would be above long-term June averages.
Fortunately, we don’t need to worry about that because more rain will fall today. The rest of the month is starting to look downright interesting. Some of the models are really piling on for the last 10 days of the month. It looks like the weather will keep me busy!
Here are the latest totals showing what is left to fall between 6 am Sunday and 6 am Monday.
Some of the models are keeping some showers going on Monday. Others are refiring storms Monday afternoon. Most models do agree on more rain at some point next week and weekend. Don’t worry about that right now, enjoy the rain!
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5 thoughts on “Sunday Morning–More On The Way

  1. MO

    Almost two more inches today (1.9”) is what my rain gauge says! That puts us just over 4” of rain since Friday here on 502, just south of Vallecito and Lemon! Very little hail here today

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