False Alarm–Saturday Morning Update

10/1/22 Saturday 8:15 ish am
I was fooled…I was on the CDOT site and I saw the trademark light blue on 550 (snow and slushy conditions) from south of Silverton to north of Silverton. I eventually got the webcam to display and saw what looked like snow on the trees and sides of the road. I did not realize it was not light enough to see those images correctly. I got DWG Mobile 1 loaded up, then decided to have one more look, this time it was evident I was wrong. Here was the culprit. This is the current view.
At sunrise, the gravel looked like snow. Oh well,  I am hoping a little cooler air will work in overnight, so hopefully tomorrow I will make the trip.
As I said earlier, showers will develop or in some cases re-develop throughout the day. If the sun comes out we may see some convection fire this afternoon (thunderstorms). The best chances for rain today will be in the mid and higher elevation areas. And all areas in the northcentral to northern portions of the forecast area. Roughly north of Tamarron to Ouray and Telluride.
On Sunday, most of the forecast area should get in on the act. There is very good agreement among all of the models that 0.50 to 1.00+ inches will fall by Monday morning. Based on those amounts it looks like most of the rain will be stratiform (falling consistently from gentle to moderate instead of thunderstorms).
Here are the models
My next update will be on Sunday. Thanks for following and supporting the site!

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