Tuesday Extended Outlook

11/15/22 Tuesday 6:30 am

We have definitely been in a dry but cold pattern, make no mistake. There is a bright side, patterns flip, and when this one does we will be plenty cold enough to see some cold storms come through for a great start to the winter!

When will this occur? I have done a different type of analysis on the extended model run that came out last night. It shows below-average precipitation through the end of the month.

Here are the liquid precipitation anomalies for the next 7 days. This is the amount of precipitation below average.

Here is the last week of November.

Then things start to turn around, here is December 1st-December 8th.

December 8th-December 15th

December 8th-December 15th

December 18-December 25th

Here is the positive anomaly for the entire month of December

Now let’s look at snowfall week by week. View these more as trends than exact forecasts. The amounts will be too low in the higher elevations and too high in the lowest elevations.

There is not much to look at over the next 7 days. Here is November 22-November 29th

November 29th-December 6th

December 6th-December 13th

December 18th-December 25th




I have no new updates on the contest, remember the drawing is on December 9th. I plan to post my take on the upcoming winter on Sunday. I am not sure there will be anything to talk about before then–we’ll see. Thanks for following and supporting the site!

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