Sunday Morning Update

1/8/23 Sunday 8 am

I hope everyone is enjoying the short break and the sunshine. As the first, smaller system approaches the area, things will change late Monday night. Initially, I was not expecting much if anything out of this system but the numbers are trending up.

This first system will mainly deliver snow to the higher elevation areas. It will stick around until Tuesday afternoon or so. The next system will be hot on its heels and will arrive late Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. It will deliver snow throughout the entire forecast area. There may be some areas in the higher elevations that will experience very little if any break between the two systems. Because of this, it will be easier (and likely more accurate) to not attempt to forecast each system individually but to lump them together as one event from late Monday to late Wednesday.

The model agreement is horribly inconclusive so far. Hopefully, it will get cleaned up over the next 24 hours. The lower-resolution models seem to be deepening the second system as it approaches the forecast area and tapping into better moisture. The higher-resolution models seem to be rushing the system through the forecast area and deepening it after it passes.

Regardless of how this works out, the models are honing in on a third system which will be even more impactful to the entire forecast area about a week from today!

Here are the latest precipitation forecasts from the models.





This afternoon I will post a quick model update. Thanks for following and supporting the site!

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