Wednesday Morning Model Update

1/18/23 Wednesday 8 am

While the northern portions of the forecast area will continue to get several inches of snow today, I don’t see anything in the models that would lead me to believe that snow will redevelop south of Purgatory. Wolf Creek is a whole different topic, it will continue to snow through the morning hours at least.

That being said humidity is still pretty high and with the right amount of sunshine we could see the atmosphere destabilize and trigger a few snow showers.

Surface maps always lag a few hours, and there can be errors on them, it will probably be 9:30 or 10 am before the 8 am surface map is available. What I will be looking at then is the location of the shortwave trough that was still to our west as of 5 am.

Until that updates, it’s time to start moving snow, again.

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