Monday Update

1/30/23 Monday 12:10 pm

Things are going about as expected for this little snow event. By the time the final flakes have fallen (more than likely by Tuesday evening), I expect 0 to 2 inches in the lower elevations. 1 to 3 inches in the mid-elevations with 2 to 4 possible at or above 8,000 feet. 3 to 6 inches for Silverton, Purgatory, and Telluride. 6 to 10 inches will be possible at Wolf Creek (they have already gotten a couple of inches).

So no big deal as far as snow goes. Temperatures are going to stay cold, and get a little colder on Wednesday and Thursday. I think we are all pretty numb right now.

I think it could be after the first week in February before we see the storm train kick back on. The models are still all over the place, so it is just too early to know.

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