Saturday Update–Two Storms This Week

2/11/23 Saturday 7:25 am

Greetings from Michigan! Today is the first day I have seen the sun in about  5 days. Yesterday I experienced the coldest 39 degrees I have ever felt. You know the type, 100 percent humidity with 50 mph wind gusts out of the north, not exactly paradise.

I have been on a very tight schedule since we arrived but I had a little extra time this morning. I have been checking the models briefly each day and tracking next week’s storms. I have decided to take 3 days to drive home, and I am going to leave early Sunday, I will be back in Durango Tuesday afternoon. I will drive through the end of the first storm Tuesday morning.

This first storm will take a southern track and amounts could vary greatly throughout the forecast area. I will attempt to put out an update Sunday afternoon with updated amounts for the storms.

I am limited to working with my tablet so I do not have all of the tools I use at home so bear with me. I also will not be able to get to your questions today, thanks for understanding. Everything will be getting back to normal by Wednesday.

Here are the latest amounts in total liquid precipitation between Monday and Tuesday at 11 am.

I have lower confidence in this first storm because if the storm tracks slightly north of its current projected path, we will get more, if it tracks further south we will get less. There is also a wider variety of solutions among the models with this storm.

Storm two, “The Valentine’s Day Storm” has been more consistent in track and intensity. It arrives quickly on the heels of the first storm, and it should begin to impact the area late Tuesday afternoon. Hopefully, I will be home by then.

Here are the additional amounts from Tuesday afternoon until it stops sometime late Wednesday or Thursday.

We will likely see a Winter Storm Warning for the entire forecast area, at least for the second storm. I am not sure how they are going to handle the first storm, there is a potential that we will experience advisory-level snow in some locations.

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