Monday Check In

7/3/23 Monday 7:00 am

Yesterday, a couple of areas received a few drops of rain with precipitation totals in the hundredths. Most of us did not get any. That will be the case today and tomorrow. These light showers will be extremely isolated and short-lived.

There has been very little to talk about and it could still be a couple of weeks before we see any meaningful pattern change. Seasonal temperatures will be the rule with below-normal precipitation.

In addition to watching the models for any changes to our forecast area, I continue to watch the East Pacific for tropical development. It is going to be a very active season, but until the ocean temperatures warm around the Baja Region, it is unlikely we will see any storms recurve into the South West US anytime soon.

I am also keeping an eye on all of the little fires around the area.  The Chris Mountain Fire west of Pagosa grew 18 acres yesterday and is currently at 477 acres (as of last night’s flight). Of course, if there are any new major fire developments in existing or new fires I will be in touch!

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