Frontal Passage?


If we dare believe this surface update, the front is approaching Cortez with a slight negative tilt, negative is good. Keep up the reports. We have had a lull for about 30 minutes. Just heard the same thing happened to my southwest then it kicked back up, this would make sense if the surface map is right we should see one more blast as it comes through. Then if the morning model was right a return to light snow later this afternoon and early evening. We will see.

Screenshot 2018-12-02 at 12.35.24 PM.png

6 thoughts on “Frontal Passage?

  1. Mary Davis

    The sun was trying to shine for a while but it is now snowing again about 2 miles west of Mancos. It is just a light snow but dark skies are headed this way. It is really snowing on the mountains to the east.

  2. Ann

    Snowing all morning 12 miles out CR 240. Looks like 4-5 inches accumulated on deck railing. Lull now with sun trying to peek out.

  3. Mark Latham

    Boys made a nice snow fort after shovling the driveway and cleaning off the car. Snow plow on our street just went by. Thanks for the updates. Wish I could post a picture here

  4. Katy Howell

    Same here on the north end of Durango – about 30 mins/1 hour of sun between 1:30 and 2:30, melted the plowed roads. Saw the La Platas and up valley in a dark cloud that came over us and started snowing again. Now seeing a patch of blue sky above us and otherwise surrounded by cloud.

  5. Kendra

    As the sun goes down near the UT border light tiny flakes again some clearing in the sky to the nw and west – when will it finally stop to make it single digits in the overnight/early AM?

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