Weatherguy Takes The Day Off

7 am

Nice storm for Purgatory with 11 inches and Telluride with 12 inches. Wolf Creek got jipped. Most low elevations south of Rockwood experienced a “Was that it?” storm. If your new, that means that it snows like crazy right before and after the front passes and is largely dependent on the tilt of the trough.

Positively tilted troughs cause what we went through yesterday afternoon/evening. Positively tilted troughs are an indication that the storm is speeding up, running out of steam and/or is in the process of transferring energy to another system.

This is what a positively tilted trough looks like on a surface map.


Negatively tilted troughs indicate a storm is strengthening and slowing down. Negatively tilted troughs are typically great producers of precipitation for us.

Here is an example of a negatively tilted trough.



Next week is going to be busy with high snow levels Monday and Tuesday and then snow levels dropping and remaining lower Tuesday overnight, Wednesday and Thursday. It will be a very active period and it may start as early as tomorrow night.

Rather than go through the models publicly today I am just going to let it stew in my brain and I will be back tomorrow with a first full look at the upcoming stormy week.

Enjoy the sun this weekend it is going to be the last time you see it for a while.


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