A Couple More Storms This Week?

At this stage of the game, it looks like the storm coming in Wednesday night into Thursday will not be anything to be overly concerned about. I have no confidence yet in the second storm but if the models are correct we may see some snow next Sunday. As far as the first storm goes, I expect it to slow down, but it looks like a quick mover. If it were to arrive around sunrise on Thursday it could create some travel or commuting concerns, too early to tell. The models are showing it fizzling out as it departs our area. The core of the storm, according to what I am looking at right now, will be just south of Durango, so there is a chance that most of the energy associated will be south of Hermosa. We have seen that happen a few times with smaller storms where Breen will get more than Purgatory and Vallecito because the flow is not strong enough to drive the dynamics that far north.

Here is the progression of the storm which shows weakening in both models as the system approaches.





So from the data available right now, the complete upside would be 2-6 inches depending on your location. The downside would be the miss to the south. I will feature some of the operational runs on Monday. BTW These cold temps are going scour out a little bit each day. 3 degrees at my house this morning was a little colder than I prefer for the first of December!

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