That Wasn’t It

Believe it or not, that vigorous wave that passed through was not the storm passing us by. It was a wave of energy that had been transported on the jet as it passed over us. The parent storm is still in Northern Arizona. That area of low pressure should still pass-through tonight. Once again a stalled system in Arizona has led to overall lower totals than the models predicted. Call it what you want it didn’t come together as it was supposed to. That low was supposed to open up and move into the area and it is still sitting there near Flagstaff. Now that the jet will be out of sync with the primary low, snow will be more showery from this point forward.

Southerly and Southwesterly flow will stay in place tonight, I do expect more snow to re-develop as the low exits the region but I don’t feel all the other elements will be in place to be significant. With that being said, a low-pressure system still needs to come across the area and one thing about living where we do we never know exactly what we are going to get until it happens. Next update Saturday morning.

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