Showers For Some This Weekend

Yesterday I mentioned that a series of disturbances would be moving through our area every few days into next week. The first one arrives Saturday then a reinforcing shot will arrive on Sunday. More on the way next week but I will just focus on the first two for now.

I expect little to no impact in the lower elevations on Saturday but better chances for a passing scattered shower on Sunday. Saturday the best chances of precipitation will be in the mountains above 9,000 feet. The models are showing very light activity throughout the day. Sunday looks like there will be a much better chance for some convection developing.

The models have been trending towards lower precipitation on Saturday (almost to the point it is not worth discussing) and higher precipitation on Sunday.

Here are the latest totals through Monday morning





I am going to leave the snow totals out for now because it is very difficult to accumulate snow this time of year because of the high angle of the sun.

I am going to post updated forecast totals Saturday morning before I journey out to battle the crowds at the stores so check back then. Hopefully, the trend will continue and we will get some meaningful precipitation on Sunday. Depending on how things look in the next 24 hours I may add the snow totals in. Thanks for following!

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