It’s The Ridge

Sometimes you have to back up and take a look at the whole picture. The weather models seem to have underestimated the strength of the ridge to our EAST.

Current Pressure anomalies.

The blue colors represent low pressure. The reds and yellows indicate high pressure. For most of October we had high pressure over us and to our west. The storms were getting pushed north into Canada and the border states. A similar thing is happening right now. The energy of the storm is running into the strong ridge to our east and it is getting squeezed to the north. This may sound like the same old miss. But it is not. For years I have heard people say “it went north” etc.

Since I have been doing this I don’t remember this same scenario playing out. Probably because we don’t often get big snows in early November.

The NWS lowered the amounts in the low elevation advisories. I have news for you. At our elevation 1-3 inches is not even advisory criteria, maybe in Texas, but not here! Let’s be honest, just cancel them. I am sure they will leave the Warning in place for the higher elevations because some obscure uninhabited area will pick up an additional 8 inches and they can claim victory.

I measured 2.75 inches here at Dwest II. The Purg snow stake is not giving me warm and fuzzies right now. Wolf Creek’s webcam looks like it is dumping pretty good. With Wolf Creek, you never really know what is happening until the one guy wakes up and goes out there with his yardstick and puts it in the ground. If there is plenty of money to build a village, can’t we just get a snow stake?

I am looking forward to hearing from people in Forest Lakes and Vallecito to find out if it went any better up there.

Next Update around noon. Thanks for following!

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2 thoughts on “It’s The Ridge

  1. Kevin Sainio

    Wolf creek has opposed the village for at least 20 years. Linking the two will yield you few results I’m afraid.

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