Looking Ahead

Published at 12:14 pm Tuesday 1/26/21

That was a fun 8 days! Several locations got decent snow. Purgatory caught up and slightly surpassed Telluride for the season. Wolf Creek will end up 5  1/2 feet or more over that same time period.

A couple of the morning models were suggesting additional snow today at all elevations. The surface front has passed Durango and is stretched across northeast La Plata County, just southwest of Purgatory, and is responsible for an uptick in snow across areas north of Durango.  The front is moving very slowly because there is another front just to the southwest of Pueblo and the Front Range. To our southwest, snow continues in Arizona and there is another piece of energy northeast of Flagstaff.

While I am not holding my breath for additional snow in elevations below 8,000 feet, there are a lot of opportunities for the snow to redevelop so I can’t exactly rule anything out.

The AR will arrive in California later today and will ring out several feet of snow over the Sierra by Friday. A small piece of it will drift our way by Friday evening. I do not expect anything significant, it will be a very low impact storm. It will be more significant for northern Arizona and southern Utah than our area.

Beyond that, it looks like a birthday storm will be a better bet next week for us. That storm looks to come in very late on Tuesday the 2nd through Thursday the 4th. For whatever reason, since I moved here 13 years ago, storms seem to arrive within a day or so of my birthday which is the 4th.

Thanks for all of the reports, it helps more than most people realize. If anyone in the lower or middle elevations west of 550 sees snow picking back up this afternoon, let me know. My next Update will be Thursday afternoon. Thanks for following and supporting the site.

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3 thoughts on “Looking Ahead

  1. Debbie McArthur

    It is snowing in Bayfield as of now (Dove Ranch)…it has been doing that off and on all day. Brief sun w/blue skies. Just out shoveling and starting snowing again (1:00 p.m)

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