Stormy Wednesday and Thursday

Published Sunday 1/31/21 at Noon

The GFS and Euro are getting a little closer with their precipitation forecasts but they are still apart on the details. They basically went in different directions this morning. The GFS was lighter with precipitation but has now nudged up its totals. The Euro has been more bullish on precipitation and it has now backed off its totals. The Canadian is so far off I can’t use it right now.

Here are the current precipitation forecasts, but these are not set in stone by any means.



One thing that is becoming increasingly clear is that with the exception of the resorts this could start off as a sloppy messy mix for many areas below 8,000 feet.  It is too early to sort out the exact rain/snow/mix elevations because the models will likely change between now and then.

Temps will warm to above average Monday and Tuesday in advance of the front. The winds will pick up with the tightened pressure gradient.

The storm track is still uncertain but as the storm pushes onshore tomorrow afternoon and evening, the models should be able to lock on to it a little better.

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