This Could Be A Good Week For The Snowpack!

Yesterday morning and throughout the day yesterday, there was not a single model or model run that produced more than an inch of snow at Purgatory. Last night everything came together just right and Purgatory received 6 inches of snow.

A piece of energy leftover from last night’s system will trigger on and off snow showers in the mountains as it drifts through the area later today and Monday. Later in the day on Tuesday, another system will start to impact the area. This storm looks a little stronger, colder, and wetter. The system should drive down snow levels by Wednesday morning. Snow will wind down late on Wednesday then on Thursday night another storm will work through the area.

Any one of these systems on their own is not that big of a deal. However, as I said yesterday, every drop of precipitation counts. If you look at the models for this 6 day period, the precipitation totals look good.

Here are the models’ liquid precipitation totals between now and Saturday morning (March 27th).



GFS v15 (old)

GFS v16 (new)


This is very encouraging for the snowpack. I am not posting the snowpack table today because there was no new precipitation when they measured at 6 pm last night.

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