Rain Is On The Way

8/18  Wednesday 9:30 am

There are still some discrepancies among the models this morning. Here is what they agree on. Rain should start between noon and 4 pm. The far western portions of the forecast area should see showers develop first. The showers will become widespread by late this afternoon. Thursday will be cool with temperatures in the 60s to low 70s.

Here are the latest precipitation forecasts. They have flipped back and forth from run to run over the last 24 hours so confidence is pretty low in their accuracy at this point.

Latest Euro

Previous Euro

Latest NAM 3km high-resolution

Previous NAM 3km 6 hours earlier

Clearly, the Euro was more consistent. The NAM 3km changed its totals by 50%+ in many locations so it is difficult to take it seriously.

Another interesting model is the German ICON.

Latest ICON

Previous ICON

What is interesting is this model shows all of the precipitation accumulating between 4 pm today to 8 am Thursday.

I will update again this afternoon by 3 pm. Thanks for following and supporting the site!

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