The Models Are Coming Around

Thursday 10/21 8:40 am

What a difference a day makes! The models are starting to look like I would expect them to with a system of this magnitude. They should be fluctuating back and forth at this point from higher to lower to higher totals.  The rollercoaster ride is not over. I expect these fluctuations to continue through Sunday as the main precipitation producer reaches the coast.

Most of us are just going to see rain with the system. It looks like the snow levels will be high while the bulk of the precipitation falls. The models are in agreement that Tuesday will be the primary day for the precipitation. However, there is a slight chance of showers on Sunday. Here is the 48 hour period depicted on the maps starting at 12 am Tuesday.




Here are the precipitation totals. I added the German model today, the event is now within the German’s maximum run time.

Canadian liquid

Canadian snow

GFS liquid

GFS snow

European liquid

European snow

German liquid


The WPC blended model was the first to pick up on the higher precipitation amounts, here it was 24 hours earlier

If you are traveling west over the weekend feel free to contact me regarding conditions.

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