Friday Storm Reports

12/10/21 10:20 am

Thanks to all of you who reported your totals. There were so many this time, I won’t have time to put them in any type of geographical order. The amounts will vary greatly. Here are a couple of reminders if you want an accurate measurement.

Don’t measure what is on your driveway. A metal, plastic, or wood surface is best. Don’t measure on a black surface. Measure several times throughout the storm and clear each time you measure especially with wet snow like we just had. I realize not everyone will do that. That is fine, I appreciate any type of snow report.

The reason I say to clear it and measure often is that all snow compacts down. Wet snow like last night really compacts. I ended up with 16 inches here at the house. Had I not measured several times and cleared the area, I would have measured 11 inches. That was the compacted snow that I did not clear. I usually clear half and leave the rest to see what the compaction rate is. Another follower of mine in Glacier measured 20 3/4 inches from the storm. He measured and cleared several times. His compacted snow was 14 inches.

I mentioned the totals for Purgatory and Telluride.  Wolf Creek reported 25 inches in the last 24 hours but it was still snowing heavily for a couple of hours after the report. We will see where they end up. I also had a follower measure 26 to 28 inches at Coal Bank Pass.

So in no particular order here are the reports

Some of these came in as early as 5 am, I have started getting additional reports I will continue to post them until I publish this report.

Durango West 2 (me) 16 inches

Top of Rafter J 16 inches

La Plata Canyon 24 inches–I also heard that they may be closing down hwy 124 for a while today.

Haviland 18 inches

Glacier 20.75 inches

Deer Valley  9.5 inches

Tween 13 inches

Shenandoah Highlands 16 inches

Lake Purgatory 24 inches

Lake Purgatory 21 inches

Rico 16+ inches

Top of Forest Lakes two reports of 12 inches

Intersection of 240/245 14 inches

High Meadow Ranch (north of Falls Creek) 14 inches

Durango Ridge Ranch 13 inches

Falls Creek 11 inches

Lemon (Wilderness) 15 inches

Silverton 15 inches

Tecolote 6.5 inches

NW of DRO 5 inches

Marvel 4 inches

Marvel 3 miles south 3 inches

Mancos 4 inches

DGO Hills 11 inches

SW of Edgemont Ranch 9 inches

Dolores 5 inches

Dolores 4 inches

Dolores 2.5 inches

Rafter J 9.25 inches

Rockwood 10.5 inches

Ignacio 2.5 inches

3.5 miles north of Mancos 7 inches

El Rancho Florida 4.75 inches

Durango Hills 11 inches

Hermosa 4 inches

2 miles north of Bayfield 8 inches

Bayfield 6 inches

Pagosa 9 inches

Bondad 0.86 inches of rain

Lower Forest Lakes 9.7 inches

Florida Mesa Elementary 5.25 inches

Marvel 4+ inches

6 miles north of Mancos 8 inches

2 miles west of Mancos 4.5 inches

Cherry Creek Mountain Ranch 6.5 inches

Hermosa 3.5 inches

Edgemont Highlands 8 inches

Durango Hills bottom 8.25 inches

That was fun, thanks for all of the reports. How would you feel about doing this all over again this coming Tuesday-Thursday?? It may happen. More on that in my afternoon update later today. I have to go out and finish cleaning up the snow, my roof keeps releasing…

My next update should be out around 1-2 pm. Thanks for following and supporting the site!

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One thought on “Friday Storm Reports

  1. Frank Masiarz

    Internet out for some time. Had 11 inches of snow at intersection of CR 228 and 502 yesterday morning at 8:00. Just a one-time measurement….very wet, heavy snow at 7,750 feet. Must have had about 15 power outages in 12 hours too….short duration. Temperature here now 5 degrees…damn !! Ice out there now.

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