Tuesday Last Update

12/14 21 Tuesday 7:50 pm

It is raining steadily at my house at 7 pm. I live at 7,428 feet. The snow is”pitchin a bitchin”, sorry, 80’s term, on Hesperus hill, 2.5 miles away at 8,201 feet.

Purg has gone into the secret mode with the webcam

550 CDOT Purg cam shows light snow

Wolf Creek is cranking snow at 24 degrees

Telluride is just starting to get a little spill-over from the southwest flow.


The storm is still far away. This was the 5 pm surface map


I am turning in. I plan to be up by 2 am. I want to clear any little bit of snow before 4 am. I have an agreement with my snowblower I must honor. It still looks like the front will pass between 3 am and 6 am for most of the forecast area–west to east…It is going to be nasty.

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4 thoughts on “Tuesday Last Update

  1. Nancy Henry

    Jeff, you’re just the best! We appreciate all the detail you give us, but also your sense of humor, and your commitment to keeping us informed!
    Thanks so much.

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