The Next Best Chance Of Storms & Snowpack Update

The latest storms really boosted the snowpack in Southwest Colorado.

On Monday morning, I anticipated we would see a big change after the storms so I saved the “before the storms” data:

Compare that to the new report:

That should make everyone happy. The question then becomes when is the next best chance to add to the snowpack. For the next several days it looks like we will be back under the influence of high pressure. This will last at least until Thursday.

At the moment the Euro, Canadian, and GFS ensemble models are showing a potential pattern change arriving between Friday, March 4th and Sunday, March 6th and lasting for at least a week. I say at least because those models only go 16 days into the future, on day 16, which is Saturday, March 12th the models still show us in that colder wetter pattern.

I put the maps in motion for all of those models, red and yellow colors signify a high-pressure ridge. The blue tones reflect low pressure resulting in cooler and wetter conditions.

These maps start on Thursday, March 3, and run through March 12th.

Euro Ensemble

Canadian Ensemble

GFS Ensemble

The devil will be in the details but the fact that the three ensemble models all see the pattern changing back to cooler wetter conditions is very positive for us.

My next update will be Sunday morning. Thanks for following and supporting the site!

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