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3/21/22 Monday 1 pm

For today through Tuesday night, expect very scattered on and off light rain and snow showers. Snow has redeveloped in Telluride and Wolf Creek this morning. Totals continue to be unimpressive.

We have been spoiled this winter. It’s not like we got a lot of snow, but we certainly had a couple or a few nice multi-day snow events. Even though we will gladly take any precipitation we can get, it is a letdown to get these heavy dusting events in the mid and lower elevations and low single-digit totals in the higher elevations.

I admit I am guilty of having a lack of enthusiasm when it comes to covering these unimpressive events. I also know it shows in my writing. I miss tracking storms for days. I miss not sleeping because I am so excited about how much snow is falling. I miss doing multiple updates per day during a good storm.

My lack of enthusiasm leads to low-energy titles for my updates. Yesterday I wrote the following:  A Disorganized Low Impact Storm Tonight Through Monday  

Hopefully, on Sunday or Monday I will be writing the following:  A Strong Storm System Will Impact The Forecast Area Tonight Through Wednesday Morning 

It is too early to jump on that bandwagon just yet. However, I have seen some promising model runs lately pointing in that direction. There has been some decent model consensus that a strong wet system will come onshore along the Southern California Coast late next weekend and move through the Southwest US before moving into our area early next week.

Here is what the latest GFS model is showing. I am putting the maps in motion starting Sunday, March 28th.

My next update will be on Wednesday. Thanks for following and supporting the site!

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