Wednesday Afternoon Update

6/22/22 Wednesday 1:30 pm
Showers should build in later in the day and throughout the evening. It is challenging to have the Grand Junction Radar down. We complain about it, but it is certainly better coverage than we get from ABQ.
It still looks like the southern portions of the forecast area will be favored tonight into tomorrow morning. Afternoon storms should break back out Thursday and Friday. It seems every time I post the short-term totals something changes. Some of the models changed quite a bit in 12 hours. I learned my lesson, again.
One thing that did not change is an emphasis on widespread heavier rain throughout the day on Sunday. I am going to let whatever happens in the short term happen. I will post again on Friday and we will take a better look at how June ends and July begins.
I am getting a lot of positive feedback about my upcoming YouTube weather video channel. As I said it will probably be a little while before I have enough content to launch it. Hail storms, lightning, heavy rain, strong winds, and heavy flowing streams all make great content. In the coming days, I would love for people to send me what they see. Before sending it make sure you are comfortable with me sharing it publicly. For best results, try to take the video horizontally (full screen). Try for at least 30 to 60 seconds per clip, I can stitch together pieces if necessary. You can send the videos to me at  Feel free to use my personal email address as well if you already have that saved in your address book.
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