Nice Wet Fall Day

9/14/22 Wednesday 7:15 am
Stratiform showers developed late last night and have redeveloped across the forecast area in the last couple of hours. As of 6:30 am running totals have ranged from .020 inches to just under 0.50 inches. The showers have been tracking from SW to NE across the forecast area. This pattern is expected to continue throughout the day today.
Here is the current radar
Here is a little closer look at the high-elevation snow (in blue)
Here is a regional view of the radar showing more widespread showers to our west
Keep in mind that most of SW Colorado, SE Utah, and NE Arizona have abysmal radar coverage so we may not be getting an accurate picture of what is really occurring.
The model that handled the precipitation the best so far was the European model. The latest overnight run of that model shows rain continuing and possibly increasing in coverage and intensity by noon. All of the models under forecasted the totals that have fallen thus far.
Thanks for your reports. My next update will be out on Thursday.
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