Storm Totals

9/23/22 Friday 8:45 am
While we did not get the ambitious totals that the models were predicting, overall it is tough to complain about them, especially taking into consideration how much rain we have gotten over the last 4 months.
Here are some two-day storm totals.
Telluride Deep Creek 1.07
Rico 1.00
Silverton 0.91
Vallecito 1.29
Pagosa 1.56
Deer Valley Estates 2.08
Cortez 1.00
Mancos 1.27
Elk Stream Ranch 1.54
Lake Durango 1.36
Upper Durango Hills 1.57
Downtown Durango 1.2-1.5
Skyridge 1.5
Lightner Creek 1.6
Trappers Crossing 1.36
Lower Forest Lakes 1.34
Glacier Club 1.8
Bondad 1.86
Ignacio 2.03
Sundance Hills 2.7
Hesperus 1.5
Things are going to dry out a bit. I am going to take tomorrow off. I will try to get an update out on Sunday.
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