Temporary Pattern Disruption Plus Details Of This Years Contest

Friday 10/14/22 7:30 am
I am not going to call it a pattern change because it will be short-lived. It looks like a closed low from Southern California will move into northern New Mexico over the weekend. Models are advertising moisture moving into the forecast area on Sunday, triggering scattered showers. Some of the residual moisture may help isolated showers develop Monday afternoon. I am 50/50 on the whole scenario because the models have been flopping back and forth on their solutions. I would say that the best chances of precipitation would fall over the southern portions of the forecast area on Sunday, along with the higher terrain. The southern portions are closer to the track of the low pressure, and as always, the best orographic lift will occur in the higher elevations.
The best chance of more widespread winter weather looks like it would be possible after 10/22. A lot can happen between now and then so I have very low confidence in that happening, but it is something I am watching. The new Euro weekly came out last night. I only cover the Monday night run and I will cover that on Tuesday, very little has changed. If you missed that update you can read it here Tuesday Update–Extended Outlook
On a couple of other notes, I did sell my snowblower, within hours of posting it. Thanks to everyone who responded and those who made recommendations for my new purchase.
The other thing I wanted to mention was that I am holding a contest this year. If you are new to site this is something I did in 2020 and 2021. This year is going to be the biggest ever. There is going to be more prize money than in the previous two contests. I am also going to match the prize money with donations to local charities in SW Colorado. If you donated on September 1st or later you are already in. Active monthly donors at the time of the drawing are also eligible. The cash drawings will be on Friday, December 9th. The charitable contributions will be made on or before December 7th.
Merchants are welcome to donate goods or services, although I am not going actively solicit anyone this year, it has been a difficult year for many so I do not want to put any pressure on anyone.
$2000 in cash prizes will be distributed as follows:  Two $25o prizes, four $150 prizes, four $100 prizes, four $75 prizes, and four $50 prizes. I am still researching charities but they will be various food banks and charities that benefit children during the holidays.
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