Sunday Early Morning Storm Update

10/23/22 Sunday 4:40 am
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Here is the current radar and surface map (4 am)
Here it was 14 hours ago
Talk about a slow mover! You will notice the blue has become blue and red as it moves east. That means the front is semi-stationary. This happens a lot in the winter. The cold front gets hung up over the NW San Juans.
The coldest air is NW of the red and blue line. The moisture and the clouds have led to poor radiation cooling overnight, so the snow levels are pretty high.
Here is a better look at the radar (4:15 am)
We all are aware of the problems with our radar, so the higher the elevation the more likely the precipitation is reaching the ground.
The cold air is on the move, I have noticed the temperature dropping in Silverton currently 36 degrees at 4:15 am and 34 at Telluride Mountain Village, with 39 degrees at Purg base. In Telluride, the webcams show it dumping at Hoot Brown and on Mountain Lodge. At Purgatory, snow and graupel are falling on the snow stake cam. Wolf Creek is still working out the bugs with their new website.
The forecast area including the lower and mid-elevation areas will notice an increase in winds and the temperatures will drop as the front approaches this morning. We have probably already hit our high temperatures for the day.
I may post again after the sun comes up. Thanks for following and supporting the site and the contest!

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