Monday Midday Model Update

1/16/23 Monday 11:45 am

The latest model runs are still showing significant accumulations for the entire forecast area for the second storm. Today there have been mostly light on-and-off snow showers throughout the morning. Even though the second storm is back near the California-Nevada border snow should begin to pick up a bit in intensity between 2 pm and 5 pm. The atmosphere is primed for snow and it won’t take much to get things going.

The first storm wobbled a bit south affecting some of the higher elevations’ totals. This resulted in a low and mid-elevation marvel! It turned back north slightly as it approached Wolf Creek resulting in higher totals there as opposed to Purgatory.

The Euro has higher totals going into this storm than the last storm, what to make of it, I am not sure. Most of the models under forecasted the storm in the lower and mid-elevations.  How am I can going to handle that this time? Not sure yet… I will let you know in my snow forecast later this afternoon.

Here are the latest model runs.





High-resolution WPC model (blended)

I have to go back out and do some roof mitigation. My next update will be out by 4 pm. Thanks for following and supporting the site!

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