Clarification On Snow Measurements Storm #2

1/17/23 Tuesday 7:15 am

There seems to be a bit of confusion amidst the excitement of all of the snow. The totals I posted yesterday were for storm#1 ending yesterday morning. At that point, we started measuring storm #2. What I will be looking for is your totals from yesterday during the day, until the end of this second storm, which will likely continue through mid-morning Wednesday. If you want to send me running totals that is fine.

For example, I just got a report from Durango in town near the fairgrounds of 3 inches yesterday during the day, plus 6 inches overnight for a total, so far of 9 inches for storm #2. That is exactly what I am looking for. It also coincides with what I measured at my house at DW2:  4 inches during the day and 5 additional inches overnight (as of 6 am), for 9 inches total so far for storm#2. My forecast yesterday afternoon was for storm#2 totals, it appears the Durango area is off to a very good start!

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