Tuesday Late Morning Update–What I am Watching…

1/17/23 Tuesday 11 am

According to the latest surface map, as well as satellite imagery, the system is still to our west. The storm has 4 shortwave troughs extending from the main system. I have numbered them 1-4.

Current surface map

There is a good chance 1&2 may impact us. #3 may or may not.

Here is the current satellite feed (10:40 am)

None of the morning models are going to properly initialize because there was some type of outage earlier this morning, check out the message I circled on the previous surface map.

Sometimes, not knowing is better. We will just have to see how things go. I am a little concerned with the temperatures. It would be nice for the system to become stationary right where it is.  Then maybe even strengthen a bit,  and then move through much later today when it is cooler… I doubt that is going to happen though, we will see. Either way, most areas have already received a bunch of snow.

I will check back in later, or as situations arise. Thanks for following and supporting the site!

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